Future Projects
Echodocs' next project will look at the campaigner Amanda Feilding, who has worked for 40 years to bring back psychedelics. She designs brain imaging trials to provide scientific evidence that psychedelics enhance existing treatments for depression and alcoholism.

Past projects include:

The Other Irish Travellers a quizzical look at Ireland's vanished Protestant Ascendancy, shown on BBC's Storyville and RTE

A Good Match is the love story between a spy and an army officer stationed in Suez, Korea and London.

Jessie and the Red Postbox enters the imaginary worlds of a mother and daughter.

Three Boxes of Melons is about a family with five children and an exuberant mother tackling cancer.
Echodocs was formed by Fiona Murphy. Fiona trained at the BBC and worked at Granada and Third Eye. After a time as a film reviewer and journalist, she then returned to film making as a self-shooting independent.

Echodocs films tell the stories of ordinary people buffeted by the forces at work in the world around them. Eclectic music reflecting their world, wildly differing tones reflecting their personalities, and following the ambitions that are theirs, Fiona gives her characters their own world to inhabit, but the stories are seen through her particular and oblique gaze.

Fiona Murphy works with producers Mark Anderson and Kitty Kaletsky on her projects.